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Monday, January 28, 2013

Parkers in Coosa Co in 1850

This 1850 census transcription was supposedly from the Luttrell collection at the B.B. Comer Library in Sylacauga. The Gen web Archivist removed the explanation about the Bible source materials from the info Wanda Crafts submitted. Carolyn Luttrell was a genealogist who did a large amount of work in Coosa and Tallapoosa Counties. The library named has a large amount of information she collected over the years. Bible records are mostly in her Talladega Miscellaneous Families Books -the families had ties to both counties. Carolyn Luttrell” internet search returns many hits, all genealogy or history related.

Some notes I have added, especially about the Parker family. I am continually working to add info to this census. But please prove all information for yourself before taking it as fact. Susan Aldridge


18. Jacks Young 22 GA farmer 50
Sarah 21 GA
(Young Jacks married Sarah Parker 3 Jan 1850 - B/72. Her parents are supposedly a John Parker and Sarah Deal-no relation to Dial, supposedly. Deal is supposed to be an Indian surname.)

189. Parker, Carter 47 SC farmer
Charity 47
Carter 16 GA
Christa (female) 15
William 13
Hannah 11 AL
( His brother is John Parker Jr. married to Mahala Dial of Laurens, SC-of Hatchett Creek 413. They are the sons of John Parker and Sarah of Laurens Co., SC. Carter married Charity Dial of Laurens Co, SC, daughter of John Hastings DIAL b: ABT. 1782 in Laurens Co., S.C. Mother: Chrystie THOMASON Carter´s children are Sarah PARKER b: 1824 in Walton, Georgia, 218. Isaac PARKER b: 1826 in Georgia, 217.John D. PARKER b: 1828, 230. James Martin PARKER b: APR 1830 in Coweta County, Georgia Elizabeth PARKER b: 1832 Carter Parker JR. b: 1834 in Coweta County, Georgia Christie PARKER b: 1835 in Coweta County, Georgia William PARKER b: 1837 in Coweta County, Georgia Hannah PARKER b: 1839)

190. Robbins Joel 27 AL farmer
Sarah 26 GA
Benjamin 7 AL
Sarah 6 AL
Joel 4
Martin 2/12
(Joel Robbins married Sarah Parker 30 Dec 1841 I/130.
Removed to Florida with brother Benjamin.)

217. Parker John D. 21 AL farmer
Rebecca 21 AL
Peyton 3 AL
Arena 1 AL
(John D. Parker married Rebecca Pody 30 Dec 1846 I/258, daughter of Andrew Pody seen above.)

218. Parker Isaac 24 GA farmer
Lucinda 23 AL
Jane 5
Christia 4
Frances (female) 1 AL
(Isaac Parker married Lucinda Kelley 27 Feb 1845 I/200
Lucinda was daughter of Moses Kelly. William McGahey gdn.
Lucinda, Rebecca, Jane and Amanthea Kelly minors of Moses
Kelly, 8 July 1835 - Wills & Admr. I/85. Letters of Admr.
grantes William McGahey 11 Jun 1835. Elihu C. McDowell made
gdn. 6 Mar 1848. Min Bk. 3/101
Coosa Co., AL Min 2/216 10 Jun 1845. Estate of Moses Kelley
Isaac Parker in rt. of wife Lucinda petition to compel
William McGahey admr. to make final settlement.
Min. 3/69 28 Jun 1847 Final Settlement
Sarah wife of Elihu McDowell and widow of deceased, Lucinda
wife of Isaac Parker, Rebecca Kelley, Martha Jane and Amantha
Kelley minors. Christia married Louis C. Parker b. 1836 GA seen
twice in the 1880 census Missouri.)

230. Parker Martin 20 GA farmer
Mary 20
Martha 1 AL
(James Martin Parker married Mary Ann Castleberry 29 Sept 1847

236. Castleberry Lacy 21 GA farmer
Elizabeth 18
William 2 GA
Joseph 3/12
(Reference: The Gamp Tree Vol. I - #4 p.57
Lacy B. Castleberry born 7 Dec 1827 - 2nd child and 2nd son
of William Castleberry born 5 Mar 1799, died 22 Jun 1871
Coosa Co., AL - son of Jeremiah who was born 23 Jan 1765,
died 27 May 1836 in Talbot Co., GA and (Lacy?) being great
grandson of John Castleberry, Sr. American Revolutionary
soldier who died 1802 in Hancock Co., GA.
Elizabeth "Betsy" Parker born 4 Feb 1832, died 11 Mar 1919
married Lacy B. Castleberry Confederate soldier, whose
(Elizabeth's or Lacy's?) mother was Jane Vineyard, daughter
of Joseph Vineyard and grand daughter of Ishmel Vineyard and
Genny Henderson of Madison Co. GA.
Lacy B. Castleberry married Elizabeth Parker 1848.
1. William Castleberry born 10 Aug 1848, died 4 Jul 1915,
married Delilah Smith, born 7 Apr 1852, died 27 Jan 1903.
2. Joseph Castleberry married Nancy McFaoden(?)
3. Arminda Castleberry married John Reed
4. Margaret Castleberry married John Dunn
5. Mernerva Jane Castleberry married James W. Seals
6. Alfred Castleberry married Lou Holliday
7. Amanda Castleberry married Elbert Mauley Haire
8. Allen Castleberry married Mary Jane McSwain

268. Wood Commodore 34 TN farmer 150
Malinda 29 TN
Mary 9 AL
James 7
Richard 5 AL
Martha 3
Sarah 1 AL
(Commodore D. Wood married Malinda Logan 16 Jan 1840 I/96.
See Wills & OCR 2/109
Minutes 8/435 Estate of C.D. Wood 6 Feb 1865
Pet. Division by Malinda Parker formerly Malinda Wood, widow.
Heirs: Mary E. wife of Malchi Gulledge, James H. Wood, Martha
A. wife of F.M. Allen, minors Richard, Sarah J., Louisiana,
Commodore, Ellis Wood.)

413. Parker John 40 SC farmer 400
Mahaly 38
Christia 17 GA
John 16 GA farmer
Martha 13
William 10 AL
Nancy 9 AL
Emily 8
Narcissa 5 AL
George 2
Andrew 2 AL
( He is brother to Carter Parker. His wife is Mahala Dial of Laurens Co. SC, daughter of John Hastings Dial and Christie Thomason. John’s parents John And Sarah Parker had the following children: Children 1. James PARKER 2. George PARKER 3. Thomas PARKER b: ABT. 1800 4. William PARKER b: 1802 5. Carter PARKER b: 1803 in Laurens Co, SC 6. John Parker JR b: 1805 in Laurens Co, SC)

414. Parker, George 59 GA farmer 550
Elizabeth 55
Samuel 19 GA farmer
(Elizabeth b. 1796 in Whitfield,Dalton Co.,Ga is probably John`s sister, not George´s sister. George couls also possibly be John´s brother, as John Parker Jr. is supposed to have a brother George. George Parkers´s children are: Elizabeth PARKER b: 15 NOV 1819 in Georgia George PARKER b: 1820 in Georgia Samuel PARKER b: 1821 in Georgia John Monroe PARKER b: 1825 in Georgia Mary PARKER b: 1827

415. Parker John 25 GA
Elizabeth 23
Mary 8 AL
Sarah 6
Sophroma 4
George 2 AL
(This is George Parker´s son.)

422. Parker Martin 21 GA farmer
Elizabeth 18 GA
(This is John Parker Jr.`s son.)

518. Knight Faithy (female) 41 SC farmer 100
James (Allen) 21 GA farmer
Martha 19 GA
Sarah 18 GA
Mary 16 GA
William 14 GA
John 12 AL
Enoch 9 AL
(Enoch Asbury Knight, son of Richard, above, born Newberry Dist. 25 Dec 1801, died 28 Sept 1842 buried Oak Hill Cemetery in Talladega Co., AL. Died while cleaning out a well. He married Faithy Parker b. 10 JAN 1800 in Abbeville District, South Carolina Death: 2 SEP 1867 in Chilton County, Alabama Burial: 4 SEP 1867 Coosa County, Alabama who may be buried in Marble City Cemetery, Sylacauga, Alabama.
James Allen Knight born 1 May 1829 (in Coweta Co., Georgia?)
died 22 Apr 1898. He married Martha Ann Jackson daughter of
Mark and Balzora Jackson of Troup Co., Georgia. Martha Ann
was born 21 Dec 1826 and died 2 Feb 1910. James and Martha
are buried in Marble City Cemetery in Sylacauga.See Minutes Record Vol I/387. See also #347. Faithy Parker could be related to 189. Carter Parker and 414. John Parker Jr., sons of John Parker and Sarah of Laurens Co., SC- but no proof.)

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