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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Patterson goup sheets James Patterson wives

The recorded work on this family was thru the efforts of SUSIE ELLERFAIR KNIGHT,deceased, grandmother to Dee Hall who generously sent me this valuable material for descendants. here is her lineage:
Joseph Cannon Baker and Faithy V. Baker were the children of John Baker and Mary Elizabeth Cannon. Enoch Asbury Knight and Rebecca Knight were also brother and sister and children of Richard Knight born 15 MAY 1768 in SC died 17 MAY 1855 AL and Martha Satterwhite. The sister and brother Knight married the sister and brother Baker. John Walter Knight was the son of Enoch Asbury Knight Sr. b: 25 DEC 1801 in Newberry SC and Faithy V. Baker born 10 January 1810 in Abbeville-see marker foto. Their son John Walter Knight married Emily Jane Dennis (second marriage for both) who had Susie Ellerfair Knight who married a Barkheimer.

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I find this in Hatchett Creek in 1850- One family with births NC TN and GA and the other family with only SC and AL births after 1830.
#11.  Patterson        Pleasant M.        30  TN  farmer       300                      
Judith 26 TN

Emiline 2 TN

(Pleasant Patterson married Judith Foster 6 Feb 1846
page 220)
#35. Shinn John 40 NC farmer 400
Melinda 26 AL

Margaret 3 AL
Ellen 1 AL
(John Shinn married Malinda Patterson 12 Jun 1845 p.197)
#61. Stephens William P. 35 SC farmer 300
Ann 25

Ann 3 AL

Sarah 1 AL

Patterson Sarah 26 AL (the SC Pattersons got there later than her birth)
(William P. or J. Stephens married Ann Hodges 4 Mar 1843

. Patterson Milly 53 VA farmer

James 14 AL

(Minutes 2/192 Estate of William Patterson 31 Jan 1845

Milly, Exec. granted letters by Montgomery Co., AL petitions

for removal of his estate to this county. Montgomery Co.

refused removal. Letter recinded 7 Apr 1845.
#277. Shivers James 24 VA farmer 200
Elizabeth 24 SC

William 2 AL

Katherine 1 AL

(James Shivers married Elizabeth Patterson ? Jul 1847 I/167)
#290. Patterson William 34 SC farmer 200
32 SC

Thomas 11 AL

William 9

George 4 AL

(female) 3

Mary 1 AL
Thomas 66 SC farmer

. Patterson David L. 31 NC farmer 250

24 GA

Jesse 8 GA

David 5 GA

Mary 2 AL
#409. Willis James 29 GA farmer 200
Caroline 29 AL

Frederick 1 AL

(James M. Willis married Caroline A. Patterson 11 Feb 1848

. Patterson Adam 53 SC farmer 500
Milly 52
Felix 11 AL
(Minutes 7/601 5 Mar 1862 Albert, Eliza and Jane Patterson minor
heirs of Joshua Patterson, their grandfather Adam Patterson gdn.
Bond $100 with Milley and Silas Patterson and William Connaway)

. Patterson Silas 22 SC farmer 100

Charlotte 22 NC

William 3/12

(Silas Patterson married Charlotte Rushing 22 Apr 1849

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Here is some info from Sonya McCormick which may be of interest

William PATTERSON Birth: Abt 1780 in Abbeville Dist., SC Death: Bef 27 Dec 1837 in Montgomery Co., Alabama
1823 witness marriage sercurity for marriage for Joseph Burton and Elnors Gray1834 Tallapoosa
1830 census Montgomery Co.,AL
1834 March 6 witness of will for Chok chot hadjo also known as Red mouth , witnesses as William Patterson, Wesucca Clark halfbreed Indian, Redmouth wife Cohalotte, Daniel Buruner (negro was intepreter for Creek indians in 1795) William was commisioner of Plank Road Aug. 1834. Robert W. Martin JP had nine slaves .

1850 Coosa Sounty census
259. Patterson Milly 53 VA farmer
James 14 AL
(Minutes 2/192 Estate of William Patterson 31 Jan 1845 Milly, Exec. granted letters by Montgomery Co., AL petitions for removal of his estate to this county. Montgomery Co.refused removal. Letter recinded 7 Apr 1845.information from Living Relative
Will of William Patterson, 1836, Al
Posted by: Charles Harrison Date: January 16, 2002 at 07:58:03
of 7547found on www.

Will of William Patterson, dated 1 Dec 1836, Probated 10 Jan 1837.
Know by all men present that I, William Patterson, of the State of Alabama, Montgomery County, do will and bequeath all my estate to my wife , Milly, during her life or widowhood, and afterward to be equally divided between all my children (unnamed).
Witnesses: Leonard Marbury, J.M. Horton
Executor: Not named
(recorded in Will Book 2:160, Montgomery County, Alabama)
Marriage 1 Permilia (Milly) UNKNOWN b: 1797 in Virginia Children
  1. Has Children Violettia PATTERSON b: 2 Nov 1811 in SC

letter from Linda Patterson:
Our Adam married Permelia "Millie" Davis.
Her father was Joshua E. Davis (b. 1770 VA and
died 1861 in Abbeville, SC. Joshua is on the
Abbeville censuses 1820-1860). Right above
Joshua on the 1820 census is John G.Patterson,
who appears to be in the "age range" of
Joshua. Adam and Milly were married by 1820,
with several children. Since people usually
married people "close-by" I've always been
interested in this John G. Patterson---but
he kinda "dropped off the radar"---can't track
him on another census. There's several James,
Johns etc. in Abbeville from 1830 on.

I've chased down this Patterson family and
COULD NOT make a connection to Adam and
William at that time. Contacted a descendant
who said there was no Adam in their tree (or
anyone who went to Coosa Co., AL)...
... but if Adam's first name was James....
I'll have to go back into my notes and see
if the family researchers in this family have
anything about their James. Now we think
Adam's brother, William, was older than Adam.
William and Millie had a daughter who we
know was born in 1811 (the oldest
child that we know of--Violetta, who was
the second wife of Ebenezer Pond).

Name: James Patterson
Birth: Abt 1780 - Abbeville, SC (South Carolina)
Parents: Josiah C Patterson Born ABT 1751 in County
Tyrone, Ireland Died in Abbeville Co, SC 5 DEC 1835
married Margaret H. Carson
23 DEC 1779
Location: Abbeville Co, SC

Known Children:
1 James Patterson b abt 1780 SC
probably 1st born son

2 Sarah Carson Patterson
Born 8 OCT 1797 in Abbeville Co, SC
Died in Abbeville Co, SC 3 JUL 1863
Abbeville Co, SC

Marriage to Leonard Widema 24 DEC 1818
Margaret Carson
Nancy Smith
James Henry
Mary S
Martha Ann
Sarah Patterson

3 Mary Carson Patterson b about 1800

Marriage to Abner Perrin ABT 1829 SC (old SC family of
French descent)
Arthur Lewis
Telemachus Ulysses
Josiah P
Robert Oliver
Abner Mason
Napoleon Patterson

The info below is not correct... James was born
about 1817-1818 in Abbeville and died aft the 1900
census in Coosa Co., AL. That's all of our James'
wives. But Adam was his father. He had a
brother William. (William married Elizabeth
Patterson--his 1st cousin).

James Patterson born Abbevillöe, SC died 1836 -
Montgomery, Alabama
married Mary Knight
Elizabeth Knight
Martha Pope
2 of his sons were Adam and William

About the Coosa Co. censuses. There are at
least 2 sets of Patterson families in Coosa
Co. One set are the ancestors of a former
Alabama governor, John Patterson. Their
ancestry has been traced back to Scotland.
Through oral history Adam and William's ancestors
are supposedly from Ireland. I know it is hard to go back to "old notes"
made years ago, but if you find your notes
about Adam's name being James A., I will be very
interested in where you found his full name.

Thanks again for all your work Susan. Are you related
to any Coosa County families?

Linda Patterson


Melissa said...


How are you connected to Coosa County? Also I have both KNIGHT's and PATTERSON's in my extended family today that are intermarried in Chilton County (next door to Coosa).

You are welcome to join us at the Chilton Yahoo Group

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Josiah Patterson and Margaret Carson are in my family tree!

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Do you know if any of the knights went by the name major